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The Differences Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living

At each of our four assisted living facilities, we are committed to bringing the best life has to offer for your latter years.

Senior care is not synonymous with a nursing home. There are other options for you or your loved one when the time comes to consider transitioning from the home to a higher level of care.

Perhaps you or your loved one is not at a stage in his or her life where a skilled nursing facility is needed but remaining in the home is not the best option. Assisted living options are available to help those who find themselves in between being at home and needing the services of a nursing home.

It's important to understand what assisted living is and how it differs from round the clock care in a nursing home.

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Alabama Nursing Home Association members elected officers for 2020 at the association’s annual meeting in Birmingham.

Each officer is elected to a one-year term on the ANHA Board of Directors and serves on the Executive Committee.

Sasser-Williams election as board chair follows her service as vice-chair in 2019. She has held positions of increasing responsibility over the years. Sasser-Williams began by serving on and later chairing numerous ANHA committees, represented southeast Alabama on the board for 12 years and served as board secretary in 2018. She follows in the footsteps of her father, the late G. Dale Sasser, who also served on the ANHA board.

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Celebrating More Than 50 Years of Service as a Nurse

It’s July 15, 1968. A young Eunice Rochelle walks through the doors of a Montgomery nursing home for her first day on the job. She’s a recent graduate of Trenholm State Technical College and ready to make a difference as a Licensed Practical Nurse. However, Rochelle doesn’t know she’s taking the first steps in a lifelong journey of service at the same nursing home.

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Mobile Rehab Center Breaks Ground for Major Expansion, Renovation

City of Mobile officials and local health care leaders broke ground for an expansion and renovation that will more than double the capacity of a community-based rehab center.

Crowne Health Care of Springhill is adding 26 rehabilitation beds to its existing 20 bed center to meet growing patient demand for physical, speech and occupational therapy. The expansion will add 17,000 square feet while the renovation will transform the existing building to match the new structure.

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Alabama nursing home resident’s story told to a national audience

An Alabama nursing home resident’s story of healing and a renewed sense of purpose was the featured video at the American Health Care Association’s 69th Annual Convention in San Diego, California.

The video features Sylvia Holland, a resident of Woodhaven Manor in Demopolis. In the video Holland and two of her children explain how her health declined while she was living by herself. Eventually she moved to the nursing home and the family was not hopeful for her future. Once at Woodhaven Manor, the physician and nurses diagnosed Holland as having a sodium deficiency. The prescribed treatments restored her health and motivated her to give back to others.

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After almost a half century of caring, Irene Parker says ‘goodbye’

She’s accomplished milestones that few people will ever reach.

On Monday, Irene Parker shared smiles and laughter with a room full of people who’ve been touched by her care for others.

After nearly a half century of putting others first, she is retiring.

Parker had three rounds of duty left Monday (August 20) before officially saying goodbye to a 47-year CNA career at Parkwood Healthcare in Phenix City.

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Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2016 Crowned

Greenville resident Millie McDonald was crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2016 today in Birmingham.

Ms. McDonald, age 81, is a resident of Crowne Health Care of Greenville. She was crowned by Miss Alabama Hayley Barber at the 33rd annual Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant.

A music teacher for 45 years, Ms. McDonald often hears from her former students through her Facebook page. She brought her keyboard to the nursing home and gives voice lessons to employees. Ms. McDonald is a member of the Resident Council and uses her outgoing personality to encourage other residents to get involved. She has three children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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Best Practice: Dental Care for Nursing Home Residents

Dental care is much more than keeping your teeth shiny and bright. Proper oral hygiene, healthy gums and strong teeth are directly related to a nursing home resident’s ability to fight infection and maintain proper nutrition and weight.

Crowne Health Care of Mobile has demonstrated this and more since implementing an onsite dental program in 2013. Under the “Healthy Seniors Dental Program,” enrolled residents receive cleanings and examinations at the nursing home from a local dentist and dental hygienist.

The nursing home resident’s comfort is front and center with this program. Residents receive care in their nursing home which eliminates the stress and anxiety of traveling to an appointment. Residents don’t have to transition to a traditional dental chair which is beneficial for those who have difficulty transferring.

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Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2015 Crowned

Demopolis resident Sylvia Holland was crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home 2015 today in Birmingham.

Ms. Holland, age 87, is a resident of Woodhaven Manor in Demopolis. Ms. Holland is famous for the arts and crafts she makes at Woodhaven Manor. She has made donated more than 45 doll houses to residents and staff members. You’ll also find her participating in church services and offering assistance to her fellow nursing home residents. Ms. Holland and her husband, Earl, we married for 40 years. She has six children, six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

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A Track Record of Quality Health Care

Englewood Health Care Center is building an impressive track record of providing high quality health care. The skilled nursing care center earned a perfect score on its latest government inspection. The 2016 result joins perfect scores in 2010, 2011 and 2014.

Achieving four perfect scores in six years is no small task. This year, a team of four inspectors from the Alabama Department of Public Health spent four days reviewing everything at Englewood to make sure the center met all of the federal government’s 140 plus criteria for nursing home care.

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