Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator

Crowne Health Care of Mobile is searching for an experienced Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator who is passionate and a dedicated leader who strives to improve the lives of residents and employees every day. As a team member, we require that you be an Alabama Licensed Nursing Administrator with a strong record of successful surveys, experience in operations and financial achievement.

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our staff and resident’s safe, we wear N-95 Mask and goggles, we screen all employees before entering the building and test bi-weekly. Individuals exhibiting symptoms are not allowed to work.
Crowne Health Care is a family-owned, statewide network of 17 skilled nursing facilities, five assisted living facilities and one independent living facility, each with highly trained staff offering quality care.
Deeply connected to the Alabama communities we serve, Crowne Health Care works to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and personal needs of residents in a caring, compassionate environment where families come first.

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